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HP BladeSystem C7000 - HP 4g fibre switch

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HP BladeSystem C7000 - HP 4g fibre switch

I have a HP C7000 with fibre switches "HP 4g fibre switch".
How can i access the configuration page so i see what is connected and configure zoning?
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Re: HP BladeSystem C7000 - HP 4g fibre switch


To see what is connected, You can use OA.
select the Interconnect Bays and select port mapping for the HP 4g fibre switch.

Adrian Clint
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Re: HP BladeSystem C7000 - HP 4g fibre switch

This is my proceedure. It can be improved, but I know it works.

The Blade enclosure Onboard Administrators must already be configured with an IP/subnet/gateway.
Obtain the IP address, subnet and gateway for the switches from the customer.
Obtain the new switch management password from the customer.

Set your laptop to IP address
Check and see which of the Onboard Administrator (OA) modules is active.
Green arrow points to the left OA
The active one has a green active LED â Just look for two adjacent green lights

Pull out the brocade switch on the opposite side of the enclosure.
Pull out the OA/ILO network cable if one is in the RJ45 on the active OA.
Connect your laptop with a crossover or straight cable to the active OA.
If responding run Hyperterminal.
Connect using TCP/IP (Winsock) not a com port to
Login with admin/password
Type â ipaddrset
Enter the new IP, subnet and gateway
Enter the new password for the switch accounts

Pull out the cable to the OA from the laptop.
Plug back in the original cable.
Pull out the cable to the other OA.
Plug the notebook cable into OA on the other side of the blade enclosure.
Push the brocade switch back into its slot.
Failover the OAs. Either by the web interface or by pressing the reset button on the active OA.
PING and follow as above.
Oliver Brandt
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Re: HP BladeSystem C7000 - HP 4g fibre switch

hi there,

just connect to your oa ip-address via ssh.
login and type "connect interconnect " where bay number is the interconnect slot of your san switch. upper left ist 1 upper right is 2, next row is number 3 on the left and 4 on the right and so on.

when you connected to the fc-switch type enter twice and log in via default user and password "admin/password" next type ipaddrset and configure your ip address. ip address of the san switch is available via the oa lan connection. type the ip address of your san switch in your browser and you're connected to the web interface. thats it.
in the newest version of the brocade switch firmware (5.3.0 and ->) the switch is configured via dhcp. then you can configure its ip address via the oa web interface in the enclosure based ip addessing tab.

ross stewart_2
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Re: HP BladeSystem C7000 - HP 4g fibre switch

Can you c0onfigure the 9124e managament ip address via the web interface of the OA?
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Re: HP BladeSystem C7000 - HP 4g fibre switch

I have already configure the access to fibre switch.
I connected to OA serial port, then i open a hyperterminal session. After that i connected to interconnect number of the fibre switch, then login and after that change the ip address so i could access it from OA web page.
That realy woks for me.