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HP C7000 + VMware + GBE2C

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HP C7000 + VMware + GBE2C

Can someone help me for following issue.
We just installed a HP GbE2c switch and server blades in C7000 chassis. My project is to install ESXi/VMs in server blade and each VM will sit in different VLANs. We have 4 VM's( VLAN 2,3,4,5). These VMs will communicate with company LAN. In GbE2c, the downlink to server blade is port 12 and uplink port to Cisco 3750 is port 20. On the Cisco 3750 side, the link to the HP GbE2c switch is port 0/1.

How shall I configure Blade's switch to make it recognize VLANs from VMware to Cisco Switch?
Is blade server's inside NIC support trunking?>

In summary:
We have
1 HP C7000
1 Physical Server
4 VMware servers
1 Cisco Switch.
Please assist me with this issue.
Thanks in advance.