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HP c7000 Power Supply replacement Program

Aamir Majeed

HP c7000 Power Supply replacement Program

I have jsut run the power supply replacement utility to verify the installed power supplies. But in the output file "Verify via Website" is displayed against each power supply. Can someone know what will be the next step for me.
Honored Contributor

Re: HP c7000 Power Supply replacement Program


as written in the advisory "In some situations where both the revision and serial number were not able to be verified by the utility, an additional step of verification via the Customer Response website may be needed. HP will perform this verification at the website when the results from the utility are submitted."

The site is

You can either open a case at hp and send them the file like written in the advisory, or start to place an order and there is also a form where you enter the SNs of the PSUs and they are checked from the site.

it can depend on your location, but you can tr the web tool in step 2 of "Place order"