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Help me understanding this part

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Help me understanding this part

I want to buy this Blade Server (http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/uk/en/sm/WF06b/3709945-3709945-3328410-3328419-3328419-3884098-3919841.html), can I guarantee the network redundancy just adding two Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3020 (for Ethernet) and two Brocade 8Gb SAN Switch (for SAN) or I need something else like another embedded NIC?
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Re: Help me understanding this part

Hi reynierpm.

Your link did not open for me. What model server are you buying?

Also, I see you have never assigned points for responses to your questions. You will find more people willing to help if you make sure to give points! :)
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Re: Help me understanding this part

The server is a BL460cG6 part number 507778-B21 and yes I was assigning points to people but sometimes I forget to give a puntuation (for me every have 10 points because help me to understand this)

Re: Help me understanding this part

>WFH-WI: Your link did not open for me.

The URL had trailing ")," which doesn't work in the forums. Try:
kris rombauts
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Re: Help me understanding this part

Hi Reynier,

yes you will have the capability to have network redundancy since the server blade bl460c has a embedded dual port network controller and every fibre channel HBA supported (Emulex or Qlogic) for these blades is dual ported also. The FC HBA is however a mezz card you have to add to the blade (is not embedded). So buying the blade and one FC HBA mezzanine card will give you redundancy for Ethernet and SAN.

Then there is the question if this will be build into a C7000 or a C3000 enclosure.
If you use a C7000 then all is fine and all is redundant. If you plan to use a C3000 then you don't have a Ethernet network port mapped to BAY2 (second Cisco interconnect switch). You still have network port redundancy but both Ethernet ports are mapped onto the Cisco interconnect switch in BAY 1, this is because the port mapping in the C3000 is different. If you plan this in a C3000 and have enough with the Ethernet dual ports on one switch, then you don't need the second Cisco because it will not have any blade server port connected to it.

If you want a higher level of redundancy in C3000, then you need to add a Ethernet dual port mezzanine card i.e., doing this you will have two Ethernet network ports on each Cisco interconnect switch (BAY1 and BAY2) and end up with even more redundancy as in the C7000 example.

Check the port mappings from blade to interconnect here on page 18 figure 9, it might help to fully understand the above info for C7000.