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Help with blade connection to cisco switch

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Help with blade connection to cisco switch

I have a c7000 chassis with 7 bl460's in it, which interconnect do I need to connect these to a cisco core switch?

David Claypool
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Re: Help with blade connection to cisco switch

Any of the interconnects. They all will interoperate with your existing switch.

Pass-through will give you a cable out for each of the blade's network connections. For you 7 BL460c servers, you will need at least 14 cables to connect the 2 NICs for each of your servers (if you have more than 2 NICs per server (because you added mezzanine cards) the number goes up.

If you want the benefit of cable consolidation, you can choose a switch or Virtual Connect.

Your switch options include the HP GbE2c or Cisco 3020c or 3120c. Choose one of the Cisco switch options if your LAN team wants to manage it.

However, instead of having your LAN admins manage the switch (and the requisite increase on their burden) then choose Virtual Connect. It lets you have the benefits of cable consolidation and can eliminate the management burden from your LAN team. It will look totally transparent to them.
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Re: Help with blade connection to cisco switch


I would start here to gather basic information on c-class blades.

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