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How to Modify c7000 Enclosure Temerature alert threshold

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How to Modify c7000 Enclosure Temerature alert threshold

Dear Concern,

we have around 12 HP Blade c7000 Enclosure running accross different Data Centers. we need to monitor the Enclosure temparature by SCOM 2007/2012. is it possible?. Moreover, how to modify the enclosure temparature threshold and get alert mail/notification whenever enclosure temp. cross that limit. pleasse provide us specific guideline/help in this regard.



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Re: How to Modify c7000 Enclosure Temerature alert threshold

Not sure about SCOM since it doesn't really use SNMP.

As far as enclosure temp, I am not sure there is a specific temp sensor for the enclosure itself, but rather all the main components like Blades, Interconnects, OAs and PSUs each contain their own temp sensor.

The best thing to do would be to monitor Inlet temp sensor on the individual blades to get an idea of what the front of the Enclosure is seeing.

As far as modifying it, there is no way to modify the HP alert values, but if you can find the right way to monitor the current inlet temp value on the SCOM side, then there should be a way over there to set an alert or critical value and associate alarms there.

The OAs use either SNMP Traps or SMTP Mail to notify of alerts, but again those are based on the factory assigned temp values that cannot be modified.