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How to configure Interconnect Bays correctly

David Cleaver
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How to configure Interconnect Bays correctly

Hi, I really don't have that much experiance with Blade enclosures so sorry if this seems a really silly question.
I have taken a postition where I now need to look after a Blade C7000 with 8 BL460 servers. The C7000 has 2 Interconnect HP 1/10Gb VC-Enet Modules and as far as I can tell, one is used for the LAN Traffic, the other is used for ISCSI traffic. The first thing that hit me is that there is only have one CAT6 cable coming out of each of them going to external switches, one switch for LAN the other for ISCSI.
I'm finding iscsi traffice really slow so I want to use more than the one ethernet port. I have been looking at the interconnect config and although I have assigned more ports the ethernet network, the addition ports at the back of the interconnect don't do anything. The link light is on when a cat6 cable is plugged in, but the little number indicator (1-8) only has one light on (the port that currently being used) My idea config would be to have each blade use a seperate port in each interconnect. Can someone point me in the right direction on how to do this please?
Many thanks
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Re: How to configure Interconnect Bays correctly

You should connect to the virtual connect manager and look for the current configuration.

Hope this helps!

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