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ILO and blade type mis-reporting in Onboard Administrator

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ILO and blade type mis-reporting in Onboard Administrator

We have an enclosure here with an atypical configuration. It has two full height BL685c's Gen 7 in bays 1 and bay 2 with the rest of it populated as 460c gen8's. Bays 9 and 10 have been disabled as the full height blades take over those slots. Bays 7 and 8, however, are showing ILO addresses to bay 1 and 2. That slot is also showing the same BL685c Gen 7's in both  slots but visually they look like BL G7 blades(half height).


The enclosure settings have EBIPA enabled for ILO and those addresses have been fed to the DHCP system as fixed addresses. So technically this is a DHCP enabled enclosure. Bays 1 and 2 are using ILO addresses from bays 7 and 8. Could this be causing the mis-reporting from Onboard Administator and further our issues with device configuration on bays 7 and 8?


So to show it visually:


Bay 1: EBIPA, Current Address

Bay 2: EBIPA, Current address



Bay 7: EBIPA,, Current Address

Bay 8: EBIPA,, Current address


also given that the full height blades are running as ESX hosts, could the ILO data been entered statically which overwrites EBIPA where as the blades in bays 7 and 8 would utilize EBIPA properly.



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Re: ILO and blade type mis-reporting in Onboard Administrator



Indeed, probably the ILO on the blades in slot 7 and 8 are not set to DHCP and have static assigned IP addresses...


To make EBIPA work, be sure that the ILO is set to DHCP on all blades...





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Re: ILO and blade type mis-reporting in Onboard Administrator

Thank you for the confirmation. We confirmed last night as well that one pair were DHCP enabled to pull from EBIPA and the other two were statically set.