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Installation of SB40c on a C3000

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Installation of SB40c on a C3000


I want to install a SB40c on an existing Enclosure C3000

in the enclosure i have 2 blades bl460c and i wanted to connect the Storage blade sb40c to the first blade.

The enclosure only have 2 power supply and four fans.

First question. How many power supplys and Fans do i need

Second question. Do i need to buy an aditional mezzanine card for the blade to connect the sb40c?

Last question. Can i connect the sb40c to both blades bl460c at the same time? (like a cluster)

Tks in advance.
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Re: Installation of SB40c on a C3000

The SB40 attaches *only* to the blade next to it within the same bay domain. In the 3000 you 2 domains of 4 bays each.

Since you only use 3 of the 8 bays you should not need more than the default 4 power supplies. Check out the power-sizer tool for blades in http://h71019.www7.hp.com/ActiveAnswers/cache/347628-0-0-0-121.html

I don't think you need a mezzanine card with the BL460c-SB40c connectivity. See options section in http://h18000.www1.hp.com/products/quickspecs/12587_div/12587_div.html The mezzanine card is for full height server blades only.

No you can not connect the SB40c to both servers at the same time.

Re: Installation of SB40c on a C3000

tks for the answer!