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Is this right ? HP matrix solution c7000 enclosure

M Slater
Occasional Contributor

Is this right ? HP matrix solution c7000 enclosure

New to blades, had a HP matrix solution delivered today pre-built and cabled by hp. It has a c7000 enclosure with a pair of flex 10/10d controllers for ethernet and a pair of 24 port (16 internal 8 external) 8gb fc controllers.  It has been pre cabled with 2 ports on each flex10/10d connecting to 2 ports on the fibre channel controller.


I maybe missing something but why would you link the ethernet and fc controllers ?



M Slater
Occasional Contributor

Re: Is this right ?

On further inspection the Flex 10/10d has been fiited with 8GB FC SFPs which are then connecting to the FC interconnect, unless anyone can tell me otherwise I'd say someone at HP has got confused when putting the blade enclosure together.

Honored Contributor

Re: Is this right ?

Yeah, that sounds like confusion all right. Maybe the poor guys at HP have received an overdose of CNA technology marketing? :-)


I know 10Gbit stuff can be Converged Network Adapters, but as far as I know, it's usually done by putting the storage traffic on Ethernet-type hardware (FCoE or iSCSI), not vice versa.


As yet, I haven't heard of anyone seriously suggesting doing the convergence the opposite way (putting the LAN traffic on the storage networking hardware). Although I guess it would be technically possible: RFC 4338 defines how to run IPv6, IPv4 and ARP over FibreChannel.

Trusted Contributor

Re: Is this right ?

Sounds like someone at the factory goofed it.

Please let your HP Sales rep know so they can track it down and have the wiring guys taken out to the center of the campus and flogged :). Seriously though let them know so if we need to re-train someone they get that information.