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Is throughput better on 10gb mezz connected to 1gb pass thru module ?

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Is throughput better on 10gb mezz connected to 1gb pass thru module ?


I am new here, and definitely not an expert on HP blades/chassis/modules. Here is my situation...

A few months ago I was doing some benchmarking, backing up a 40TB database to a Data Domain. My assumption was that the server had 2x10gb, bonded interfaces (since that was the output from the ethtool command...this server OS is RH Linux). Throughput was acceptable, but not great. I then bonded the 4x1gb ports on the DD, and we cut the backup time in half. I did not realize that the server was a blade, and although it showed 2x10gb bonded nic, the data was going through a “1 gb module”.

Now I’m doing the same thing on another HP blade chassis (same DB, same hardware type). The DD has 2x10gb bonded nics. The blade server shows 2x1gb bonded interface, and is going through a 1gb module. So my question is: even though the module is 1gb, could the fact that a 10gb card on the blade provide better throughput? Maybe less overhead? While there could be other variables affecting throughput, I'm trying to see if this can explain the performance.