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Issues w/ my enclosures.

Robert Sherrard
Occasional Advisor

Issues w/ my enclosures.

I'm currently seeing the following error on the enclosures: FRU Data Corrupt on SRV Bay x I see this across 4 blades out of 10 per encloure. Rob
Occasional Visitor

Issues w/ my enclosures.

Sounds like a firmware issue ;)

Re: Issues w/ my enclosures.

Just update your Servers with BB Firmware set 1.70 from: Just put this ISO image on a USB stick (as file) and put it into the OA USB port. Then boot all servers from this ISO Image (using Enclosure Settings > DVD ) and then update the OA to FW 2.60 and all is compatible again according to our fixed set of FW levels visible at

CHeers, Jeroen
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