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KVM Module connecting to blade problem

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KVM Module connecting to blade problem

I get this error trying to connect to a blade using the KVM module. I 'm able to power on and off but not the blade...



"Could not Connect Error (0xfffffff...) Wait a few seconds and try again"

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Re: KVM Module connecting to blade problem



This error message occur due to OA fimware . If the OA firmware is not updated, you may try updating the OA firmware.


A future version of HP Onboard Administrator will prevent this issue from occurring.


As a workaround, perform either of the following:


Connect the keyboard/video/mouse directly to the server blade via the SUV port.


Use the ILO IRC (Integrated Remote Console) web interface. This also requires a workstation with a web browser and iLO network access.



Renji V

I am an HP employee.

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