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Managing Noise on C3000 Blade Server

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Managing Noise on C3000 Blade Server

A client has just had a C3000 + Eva4400 + MSL2024 Installed (HP install). Currently only running 1 blade but comparative noise is like the IBM video's.

How can we reduce the noise?

Some details:
6 Fans, 4 PSU, currently 1x 460c blade
Fans running at (1-6) 46%, 35%, 44%, 44%, 35%, 44% Supposedly 4+2 but all six are running
PSU (2+2) Power 80 & 141 = 221W total
Average Power: 1334 Btu/hr
Ambient Temp: 21 Deg Celcius/69.8 Deg F
Caution Threshold 75 deg C
OA Firmware 2.21

At a HP Seminar recently, they had 2 fully loaded C3000, a fully loaded C7000, Couple of EVA's etc and they we running quieter than this one is.

Adrian Clint
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Re: Managing Noise on C3000 Blade Server

Check ILO and BIOS firmware.

ILO should be 1.50