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Measure B/W Usage on VC Trunk

Jim Raykowski
Occasional Contributor

Measure B/W Usage on VC Trunk

We are running a C7000 Chassis with six BL490c G6 Servers running ESX 4.X. Connecting that chassis to our network are two Flex-10 VC modules. I have configured two shared uplink sets each consisting on 4 1GB connections to our Procurve 5412 Switch. Both trunks are running well and we have noticed no issues with the trunks. One think we would like to be able to do is monitor total usage across the trunk. I have done individual ports with MRTG but is there a way to see the whole aggregate of the whole trunk? Also is there a way to see the utilization of the individual vlans inside the trunk?


Antonio Milanese
Trusted Contributor

Re: Measure B/W Usage on VC Trunk


you could use classic interfaces MIBs (as per doc) agaist VC (SUS are virtual bridge interfaces) or on 5400.
On 5400 you can use Sflow either but it doesnt support VLAN summarization as far i know, so you can forward flows and use an external collector like ntop or pmacct f.e.