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Merge Resources of Two Blade from Two Enclosures

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Merge Resources of Two Blade from Two Enclosures

Dear Experts,


We are in process of buying new Blade Enclosure:



-  HP BL680c G7 W CTO Blade, Total 8 Blades, 4 will be in enclosure 1 and other 4 will be in enclosure 2            

-  HP BLc7000 CTO 3 IN LCD ROHS Encl, Total Two enclosures

-  HP BLc VC FlexFabric 10Gb/24-port Opt, Total 4, 2 will be in enclosure 1 and other 2 will be in enclosure 2


I am new in this, I want to know is it possible to combine the two enclosures to sum up their total resources ? OR for example consider that B1 in Enclosure 1 to be merged with B1 in Enclosure 2 so that two blades which are installed in different enclosures appear as one single server, is this possible ?


I am asking this because I have been told my some one that it is possible to create a pool of resources by merging two blade enclosures, Please assist me for this and if possible provide me some link for reading more details if any such possibility exists.


Waiting for your replies.





Re: Merge Resources of Two Blade from Two Enclosures

Hi Wajeeh,


I have never come across any such kind of hardware solution, but through virtualization from vmware or any other virtualization solution this is possible.


To understand more check the below links.


Also get touch with HP representatives they will help you out with the better solution.




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Johan Guldmyr
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Re: Merge Resources of Two Blade from Two Enclosures


another thing you can do is to get both enclosures in the same Onboard Administrator (you connect the OA with some kind of cable on the back). Last time I checked the enclosures needed to be next to eachother but that may have changed. Some more details in this forum post:

Virtualization could accomplish what you want to do, some softwares have clustering/load-balancing built-in as well.
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Re: Merge Resources of Two Blade from Two Enclosures

Connecting the enclosures will only allow you to log into multiple enclosures at the same time.  It will not allow for any pooling of resources.  You can create a VC domain and stack the enclosures that will allow them to talk to each other over 10GbE copper cables.  You can then create an ESX or Hyper-V cluster that has servers from both chassis.  Allowing you to pool your resources that way.


There is nothing natively that would allow you to combine the two servers to make them appear as one, there may be some software package that does that.