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Mezzanine Qlogic QMH2462: BIOS configuration non persistent

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Mezzanine Qlogic QMH2462: BIOS configuration non persistent



We've got an issue about Mezzanine Qlogic QMH2462.

Blades are BL460c G1 with 2 QMH2462.

They were running Boot from SAN HP EVA 4400.

After a migration with the Online Migration Tool, they are now mapped to our 3PAR 7400 Storage.


At boot, we go to Qlogic Bios (CTRL+Q) and change the Selectable Boot Settings from the EVA to the 3PAR.

Then Save, then reboot.

But it doesn't work, and the configuration in the Qlogic Bios is still on the EVA (Old configuration).


We have a non persisent method to boot the OS: adding 3par Lun in Selectable Boot Settings instead of replacing.

It works once, but at next reboot, the old configuration is back :-(


As we can boot the OS (W2K3R2) we have use SANSurfer to configure the Qlogic BIO, but with the same bad results.


Is there something in the BIOS of the Blade with prevent the writing on QMH NVRAM ? or qomething like that ?


Thanks for your help, by advance.



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Re: Mezzanine Qlogic QMH2462: BIOS configuration non persistent

Send me an ShowAll in private message and i will try to help you
I work for HP
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