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Mixed Module VC Domains.

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The Brit
Honored Contributor

Mixed Module VC Domains.

Right now I have 1/10G VC ENet modules in bays 1,2,3 & 4, on all of my c7000 enclosures.

I am intending to upgrade so that I have

Flex10 VC ENet modules in Bays 1 & 2, and
1/10G VC ENet modules in Bays 3 & 4,

on all of my c7000.

Question 1, Are there any issues with stacking between 1/10G and Flex10 Modules ??

The documentation doesnt discriminate between different VC ENet modules, so the assumption is that this will be OK.

Question 2: I ultimately intend to setup VCEM on my enclosures. I believe that the physical configs of the IC bays have to be identical on all participating enclosures.

Is this Correct ???

Question 3:

After upgrading to the Flex10 Modules, my configs will look like this;

1. Flex10 2. Flex10
3. 1/10Gb 4. 1/10Gb
5. 4Gb FC 6. 4Gb FC
7. 4Gb FC 8. 4Gb FC

Does this config look OK. Any issues with it.

I am not really interested in whether it is the best config, only whether it will work.

Thanks in advance.

Adrian Clint
Honored Contributor

Re: Mixed Module VC Domains.

1. No problem, I seen documents that mention this can be done. Are you going to use 0.5 metre CX4 cables? I would.
2. Enclosures in the same Domain Groups must be the same. But you can have many domain groups. I have heard mention that you could have blade enclosures that are a subset of the domain group config, but definitely not interconnect differences. I have not been able to check this - but would not recommend it anyway.
3. Thats fine but only Full height servers with a HBA in Mezz3 will be able to connect to bays 7 & 8.
The Brit
Honored Contributor

Re: Mixed Module VC Domains.

Thanks again Adrian.

1. Yes I will be using CX4's.

2. I need to look into exactly what is meant by a domain group, however at the moment, I am looking at creating 2 different Enterprise domains since I have enclosures at different sites which are several miles apart. In any case, I currently only have 2 enclosures at each site.

3. I appreciate that 7 & 8 are primarily only used by full height blades. I have bl860c's running OpenVMS, both clustered and standalone systems. I also have 465 G1/G5/G6 running Windows (ESX/VMWare) and Linux.

lots of fun!!

Adrian Clint
Honored Contributor

Re: Mixed Module VC Domains.


Enterprise Domain Group (More than one enclosure - controlled by VCEM thru SIM .... many enclosures I think more than 200)

As opposed to a multi-enclosure stacking for VC which controlled by VC fimrware in one of the chassis (Must be Flex-10 or 1/10F in "master" chassis) and has a max of four chassis.

If you have two enclosures at each site you probably dont need to use VCEM. Just stack the enclosures.