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Monitoring blades with SNMP via OA

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Monitoring blades with SNMP via OA

Hi Everyone


I'm trying to set up SNMP monitoring on HP C7000 Enclosure. I'd like it to send traps to HP SIM server for all the components in the enclosure. I configured everything in Enclosure settings->SNMP settings and I'm able to receive traps for e.g. OA reset events; however I don't get anything from blades. When I reset a blade I get an event in the OA log but nothing goes to HP SIM. I don't want to set SNMP monitoring in the iLO. My question is - is this behavior by design or should I configure anything else in the HP SIM or OA?


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Re: Monitoring blades with SNMP via OA



if you wan't to get the events of the blades also, you have to configure the SNMP in the iLOs or in the OS of the blades!

The SNMP configuration in the OnboardAdmin is only for the events of the OA.