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Move 2 VC Flex-10 from C-3000 to C-7000

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Ugo Bellavance (ATQ)
Frequent Advisor

Move 2 VC Flex-10 from C-3000 to C-7000


We bought a C-3000 and a pair of VC Flex-10, and we were happy until I figured out that the C-3000 was not built with redundancy in mind (Thanks HP for this bad decision...). Now I bought a C-7000, I would like to move all of my equipement (2 VC Flex-10 + 2 BL460c G5) from the C-3000 to C-7000. Anyone has ever done something similar?

kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: Move 2 VC Flex-10 from C-3000 to C-7000

Hi Ugo,

because the port mapping is different between c3000 and c7000 (due to a more high available/redundancy design), you'll have to recreate the profiles as a minimum, i think it would be best to just start from scratch and build your VC config step by step again, for two blade's that's not going to take you long anyhow.


Adrian Clint
Honored Contributor

Re: Move 2 VC Flex-10 from C-3000 to C-7000

The c3000 was designed with some redundancy in mind but not as expandable or redundant as a c7000. That was the idea - you could get intoduced to blades cheaper.
You want a cheap blade enclosure - c3000. You want a fully reundant solution - c7000.
The bad decision was by who proposed the c3000 when you wanted full redundancy.

Its probably simplest to re-create the profiles in the new enclosure from scratch. If you can remember the order in which you created them you will get the same MAC/WWPN.
Ugo Bellavance (ATQ)
Frequent Advisor

Re: Move 2 VC Flex-10 from C-3000 to C-7000

I finally re-created the config on the VC's, which took me like 5 minutes.

It looks clear when I read your post, but the person who decided to purchase the C3000 was me, mostly because I didn't know HP could provide pre-sales help, and I didn't need room for 16 blades. But I needed redundancy and this information is not obvious when you look at the specs. I don't even understand how come not any blades NIC or mezzanine can communicate with any interconnect.

Yes, I'll ask HP pre-sales next time...