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Move vc modules in c7000 enclosure

Occasional Contributor

Move vc modules in c7000 enclosure

I have 2 flex 10 enet modules in bay 1 and 2. And 2 1/10 enet modules in bay 5 and 6. I need to swap them so a bl680c with 10g e mezzanine can use the flex 10 vc module.

I tried backing up the vc config and moving the vc modules but that did not work.

How can I accomplish this? Hopefully I don't have to reconfigure the enclosure from scratch.

The Brit
Honored Contributor

Re: Move vc modules in c7000 enclosure

I'm not sure that this is a simple task.

I believe you can do the opposite, i.e. replace a 1/10G with a Flex10, by inporting the configuration.

However, I would expect problems because the 1/10G hass less memory than the Flex10.

I am curious: What error messages did you get (if any) when you tried to import the configuration? (I assume that this is where it failed).

What procedure exactly, did you use.

1) shutdown all the blades.
2) removed the VC modules.
3) delete them from the domain.
4) ....

etc. etc.