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NIC Issues on Blade System HP BL460C

Occasional Contributor

NIC Issues on Blade System HP BL460C

I have a number of half height BL460C blades in a C7000 Enclosure. I am running W2K3 SP2 R2 Standard X64 Edition. The problem I am having is that the NIC's keep reverting back to 'DHCP Enabled' even after I've entered a manually configured static IP. I can enter a static IP, it appears to take effect. I can do an IPCONFIG and it shows me the IP address and subnet mask I just entered.

However, when I go back into the TCP/IP Properties of the NIC I just configured, the IP Address is blank and it has reverted back to DHCP Enabled. On the Support tab of the NIC, it shows me the correct IP. I am also able to ping the gateway.

The NIC's are HP NC373i and 326m's. I have re-installed PSP 7.91, re-installed drivers, rolled back to 7.90 drivers all with no change whatsoever. Trying to get HP Support to help me has turned into an even bigger nightmare.

Has anyone run into this? Thanks in advance.
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Re: NIC Issues on Blade System HP BL460C

Try updating the firmware, also the onboard administrator.

What happens if the connections for the 326 are disabled?
James ~ Happy Dude
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Re: NIC Issues on Blade System HP BL460C

Hello George,

Disable TOE, RSS etc.

Also, refer :

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Re: NIC Issues on Blade System HP BL460C

I have updated the firmware to no effect. I will try HappyDude's suggestions and let you know what I find. Thanks to both of you.