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Need help in C3000 Configuration

Occasional Contributor

Need help in C3000 Configuration

My company is planning to buy the C3000 Blade, but I am confused what parts should I need.

We want a self contained C3000 enclosure with 2 x BL460 servers and one SB600c Storage Blade. We will use the iSCSI SAN to run SQL 2005. And there are about 30 PC will connect to the SQL.

These are the parts I think we need.

1 x C3000 enclosure
1 x HP GbE2c L2/3 Switch
2 x BL460 servers w/ 4GB
1 x SB600c storage blade

Since both SB600c and BL460 supports iSCSI, the BL460 should be able to boot from iSCSI SAN. So I don't need internal HD. The SB600c comes with all the iSCSI target software and the iSCSI initator can be downloaded from MS.

Is there anything I miss here?

Do I need another NC373m NIC for the BL460s and another GbEc switch just for the iSCSI SAN?