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New to C7000 Enclosure

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New to C7000 Enclosure


Hi guys,


im new to C7000 Enclosure.


In my office, we purchased new C7000 Enclosure with 8 BL 460C Servers and 1 DS2200SB Pcie/P4000 VSA Bundle and

X3800sb G2 Network Stor Gateway Blade Server


i List my questions below.Please provide the answers.



1. I studied in websites , to share as DAS ( Direct attached storage) it should be adjacent to server.


 2. To  share DS2200SB to all blade servers in C7000. what are the steps i need to do in my environment.

       in my hand i have only one DS2200SB. if it should be adjacent to server means how come i share for all Blade servers   in C7000


3. What are the difference between Onboard Administrator and Onboard Administrator with KVM Switch.


4.im not clear abt X3800sb G2 Network Stor Gateway Blade Server. what is the use  while you installing in C7000.



Thanks in Advance





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Re: New to C7000 Enclosure

I haven't seen this storage blade yet, but in my understanding you direct connect the storage to 1 blade and now you can share the space via network (iscsi) to all the other blades from this connected blade.

Hope this helps!

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Re: New to C7000 Enclosure

A normal OA is accessed only through a network connection. If a it needs to be connected using a monitor, keyboard and mouse alone, then a KVM kit is needed.


For a c7000 enclosure, OA with KVM option will be OA with an additional VGA port. Thus a monitor can be connected to the VGA port and USB hub connection, keyboard, mouse and even USB DVD can be connected to the enclosure physically.


For information on P4000 VSA bundle try the following docs:


HP P4000 SAN Solution User Guide



HP StorageWorks X1800sb and X3800sb Network Storage Blade user guide



HP StorageWorks P4000 VSA Installation and Configuration Guide







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Re: New to C7000 Enclosure

Hi Vijayasarathy


Thanks for your useful information.


Still i have some queries  regarding other devices . i will post in the fourms



if you know ,Please answer for it .





Re: New to C7000 Enclosure


Hi Torsten



Thanks for your info.


Still im  have queries regarding other devices . if you know please answer it.