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Newbie - Blade servers

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Newbie - Blade servers

Hi All,


I've just inherited a HP c7000 here at work, which has 5 bl460c G6 blade servers in it. In the back, in bays 1,2,3 & 4 are GbE2c layer 2/3 Ethernet blade switches. Ports 5 & 6 have Brocade 8/12c SAN switches.


This all works well of course, however I have just been asked to install a new blade server, a bl460c G7, and I have put it into bay 6, however on the "BladeSystem Onboard Administrator" it says that Embedded port 1 & 2 are active, but unlike the other 5 blade servers there is nothing in Mezzanine slot 1 or 2. 


Do I need to buy something for the blade server or the enclosure? Or is it a configuration issue?



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Re: Newbie - Blade servers

In the c7000 chassis, the I/O module slots 1 & 2 are connected to embedded NICs on each blade. All the other I/O module slots require corresponding mezzanine cards in the blade to make the ports work. Since the type of the I/O modules in slots 3-8 can vary (NICs/FC HBAs/SAS connections etc.) the associated hardware within the blades must be changeable too, to match the I/O modules.


In your case, your new blade would need a dual-port NIC mezzanine card in slot 1 and a dual-port HBA mezzanine card in slot 2.


You can omit mezzanine cards if you don't need all the I/O capabilities in every blade in the chassis, and likewise you can have a blade with a mezzanine card installed even if you don't have the corresponding I/O modules: the blade will run, but obviously you will be missing some functionality. But if you have a conflict in I/O modules vs. mezzanine cards, the OA will prevent the blade(s) with conflicting mezzanine cards from powering up.

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Re: Newbie - Blade servers

Thanks, very well explained and very detailed too :-)