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Newbie Query



I am a newbie in the HP BladeSystem context and have some very basic queries:


1. Quickspecs of BL 460C show

- "Core Options"

- "Additional Options"

-  "Standard Features"

- "Optional Features"

Can somebody please help me understand what are those?


2. If we need 5 vLANs, can we achieve it without the use of VC?


3. In what kind of topology is VC suitable/suggested? In other words, what requirements need a VC to be in place? for e.g. does the requirement of 5 vLANs (as mentioned above) necessitate a VC based topology?


Many Thanks.

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you don't need to use Virtual Connect, it is only a possible technology you could use.

We are using HP 10Gb Pass-Thru Modules and we have servers with over 50+ VLANs and that works fine.


But with Virtual Connect you have better possibilities for sizing bandwith of each Bladeserver and other possibilities. You can find documentation about VC here:


About the features and options:

The Features describe the things you can have with this blade. The Options describe all parts you can order if you don't wanna order a preconfigured model (a "Configure to Order" CTO).

Under "Models" you could choose a preconfigured Model and there you also find the description of all parts in it.

The best would be to contact an HP sales in your region, who can advise you in these things!