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No more Space

Regular Advisor

No more Space

Dear All,

I have 2 blade servers in remote site as a destination of DR ,every server has 2
hard disk ,one of the blade now has no more space 0 byte left........
yesterday it was 1 GB ,today 0 GB ,also I don't know where is the space because
before 3 weeks I had 32 GB??,,,,,,,

before 3 months I opened a case about that server it has a warning in system eve
nt viewer ,repeated thousand of times ,but case the warning still there!!!
The details about this warning is:

A corrected hardware error occurred
Platform memory
type 32

Amd Ali
Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: No more Space

Hi, can't you list the files on the partition/search for big files or something like that??

DOn't know how the windows event file is truncated but maybe that's then increasing a lot taking up all the space if you don't have any services running on that partition?

If you are seeing hardware errors, why not check the iML log, run the online diagnostics from system management homepage, if no hits there, try the offline diagnostics with the smartstart cd as examples :)

Is the OA saying anything bad about the blade?
juan quesada
Respected Contributor

Re: No more Space

first, use a disk explorer software (i really like tune up utilities) to check wich files are the big ones and if they...need to be that big.
after you have have some space off, monitor which files are growing up and if they are ok to grow that much.

regarding the error message you got, please post IML to check additional info about it bease the message does not give us much.
Regular Advisor

Re: No more Space

Dear all,,

This file is taking lot of space
HPMCALOGEX.EXE takes 20% from CPU but in another servers just 0 %
also there is a folder in blade that has a problem called HPWEBM in C:\PROGRAM FILE with 32 GB but in another blades just 5.85 MB
also we have warning and errors in system event viewer repeated hundred of times called WHEA-LOGGER

kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: No more Space


the fact the hpmcalog.exe service takes up a lot of cpu resoources means it needs to process 'something' that it gets out of the hardware error buffer (i.e. when a MCA just occured).

I advise you to copy the files and move them to anothe rpalce and let someone verify your FPL/SEL log for any H/W erros. To me it looks like your filesystem is filling up with a lot of errors coming from correctable erors at the H/W level (i.e. memory) and they get copied onto the filesystem by the management agents automatically.

It might also be usefull to check the version of your management agents and update them if applicable.