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OA 2.52 or 2.6

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Bob Firek
Regular Advisor

OA 2.52 or 2.6

We currently have a C7000 blade system that is still at firmware version 2.25. I need to upgrade but was wondering what experience others had with OA version 2.6. I currently have 10 ProLiant BL460c G1 blades that have ROM version l15 05/12/2009. iLO firmware version all are at 1.78. Virtual connect VC-Enet modules are at 1.32 and the VC-FC Modules are at version 1.21. I'm thinking about upgrading to OA 2.52 until 2.6 gets a little age on it. Any and all opinions welcome.
Trusted Contributor

Re: OA 2.52 or 2.6


From 2.25 u have to first update to 2.32 and then from there update to 2.41. Now you can upgrade to 2.6.

Adrian Clint
Honored Contributor

Re: OA 2.52 or 2.6

Well what you have to do is make sure all your equipment is at a compatible level.
So before you go from 2.52 to 2.60 ensure all the components are compatible with 2.52.
and click on compatability.
Bob Firek
Regular Advisor

Re: OA 2.52 or 2.6

Viveki and Adrian Clint. Thanks for your replies. I believe Iâ m good to go to OA 2.32 and then 2.41 but will need to update iLO and ROM before I can go to 2.52 or 2.6. Currently Iâ m at
For ProLiant BL 460c G1 ROM Version l15 05/12/2009
iLO2 Firmware Version 1.78 Jun 10 2009

Do you think I need to update the iLO to 1.79 and the ROM version to v2009.07.10 before upgrading to OA 2.32 and 2.41?

Also we have a C7000 blade enclosure. Can you tell me how I can check on the version of the Power Management Controller (c-Class blades) that I am running? I cannot find a rev level referring to the power management controller anywhere in the Online Administrator.

Thanks again for you help
Adrian Clint
Honored Contributor

Re: OA 2.52 or 2.6

You cant see the Power Firmware revision in the OA till you install OA 2.50. Its shown in the Enclosure Firmware page.
Till then you have to try and install Power firmware 3.4 and it will then tell you the version.

If you look at the revision history of firmware 2.60 you will see a note that says you only need to install this firmware if you want the new features or to fix one of the specific problems. So its not essential.

For your question about iLO & BIOS firmware on the BL460 G1... well neither of these were out at the time of the OA 2.41 so they were not "needed" for 2.41.

See the "Previous Firmware Versions" tab of the previous link.
Bob Firek
Regular Advisor

Re: OA 2.52 or 2.6

Adrian, thanks for the reply. The reason I asked about the Power Management Controller is that I ran accross a Support Communication - Customer Advisory (Doc ID: c01668472) that stated:

HP requires the immediate upgrade of the Power Management Controller Firmware on affected HP ProLiant c-Class server blades using Version 0.7 of the Power Management Controller Firmware to avoid the following issues that have been observed:

Issue 1: Server blades will not power on. The Onboard Administrator (OA) will report an emergency power event on the BladeSystem enclosure Insight Display and in the OA System Log.

Issue 2: Server blades may stop responding while attempting to boot and will not display video. The Health LED will illuminate flashing red and the server blade will issue a beep code.

Issue 3: Server blades will not launch the PXE boot or iSCSI boot Option ROM for the embedded network controller, causing the server blade to fail to boot.

Issue 4: iLO 2 will not display the Power Meter graph and the HP Insight Power Manager may not report all expected data, resulting in the loss of the power measurement capability.

Issue 5: Server blades will not display the expected processor frequency and front side bus speed during the Power-On Self-Test (POST).

Power Management Controller Firmware (for c-Class blades) Version 0.7 is the only firmware version affected; server blades running earlier or later versions of the Power Management Controller firmware are not affected by this issue.

Is seems to be only ver. 0.7 and it would be nice to know if that is the version I'm running. But thanks for the tip about trying to install the power management contorller firmware to see what my current version is. I'm thinking I'll first go with upgrading the OA to at least 2.41 before upgrading the firmware.

Re: OA 2.52 or 2.6

I would be careful using 2.6, this release caused me errors on two of my Cisco MDS9124e switches, they now come up unrecognized! HP has acknowledged this as a bug in 2.6 and I have been told to wait while Level 2 or 3 folks work to compile an updated OA firmware release. The alternate solution was for HP to send me a pair of new MDS9124e switches as replacements. This would obviously be disruptive to my Fabric and hosts. I'll either wait for an update or simply revert back down to a previous 2.52 release.
In the end, always avoid the latest versions of any technology upgrades ;)

Igor Karasik
Honored Contributor

Re: OA 2.52 or 2.6

>> update the iLO to 1.79
Many peoples have ASR with iLO 1.79 (I too):

OA 2.6 works well for me