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OA Firmware Confusion.

The Brit
Honored Contributor

OA Firmware Confusion.

I am getting a bit confused with all of the OA Firmware offerings which are appearing.

Back on ~Sept 6th, I went to get the latest OA firmware (2.60), and I had to specify that my OS is OpenVMS (although I have no idea why the OA cares!!!). I then downloaded the firmware file "hpoa260.bin". No problem so far.

Today I received an advisory listing two new OS-specific OA firmware releases, one for windows (ver 2.60, filename "cp011233.exe" (14 MB)), and one for Linux (ver 2.60, 2 part download, filenames "cp011234.md5" & "cp011234.scexe").

I kinda gather from the description that these Firmware Releases provide a utility, or work with an existing utility, to upgrade the OA firmware from an existing (blade(?)) server.

What I don't understand is

1. What is the status of the 4th September release of the OA F/W if you have Linux and/or Windows blades in your enclosure??? Has it now been superceded???

2. Why is the OS of any relevance to the OA firmware???

3. If my enclosures include Windows, Linux and "other" OS's, do I now have to do 3 upgrades to get the enclosure to Version 2.60???

Welcoming any advice or clarification.

Mike Rother

Re: OA Firmware Confusion.

Hi Dave,

as far as I know referring to any OS in terms of OA firmware is only about the utility coming with the firmware binary and can be used to deploy it from a blade/server.

I always download only the plain binary which is actually 2.60 and install it using the OA web management firmware upgrade option.

Doing so I don't need to care for any OS and this worked fine through the years, either on Blade systems as well as on the many ProLiant DL's we host.

kind regards
The Brit
Honored Contributor

Re: OA Firmware Confusion.

I agree, that is how I've always done it.

I'm not sure why there is a need to upgrade OA from a blade!

It would be much nicer to be able to upgrade a blade from the OA! Maybe they should work on that!

Adrian Clint
Honored Contributor

Re: OA Firmware Confusion.

The linux version of the OA upgrade utility is used on the Blade Firmware update CD. So its not always from a blade OS you update the firmware.