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OA Firmware

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OA Firmware



I have c7000 enclosure and currently the OA firmware is on 2.60.  I want to upgrade it to to the latest available which is 3.21.  Just want to confirm that if there is any pre-requisite or risks in upgrading to 3.21 from 2.60.



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Re: OA Firmware

Do you have any problem with OA 2.60? Unless you are using G6 blades (only way to recognized hardware entry). I would check this link before you proceed upgrading to latest OA firmware...

Re: OA Firmware

You have to consider several things before upgrading to 3.31.

Check the Firmware Compatibility Matrix available on

(Click on the link for the full table)

If you want to stay within an HP supported configuration you need to stay within the firmware versions for each component listed on that pdf.