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OA Insight Display

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OA Insight Display



Today I observed that the display of my C7000 Blade Enclosure's display is not on. the buttons are also not responding.


what might be the issue and what needs to be done to rectify it?


All the 14 blade servers in the enclosure are working absolutely fine... i just need the display to be on for carrying out some activities on it.


Please Help.


thanks, laks.


Re: OA Insight Display

Hi Laks,


Please check this link:

C700o Insight Display Troubleshooting is celarly given here,



If No Luck, Please log a call with HP,





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Re: OA Insight Display

It may be a faulty OA module, or just a faulty display module.


Can you access the OA from the network without issue?  If so, check on the Insight Display and see if you can manage the buttons from there.  


If not perform an OA reset to see if this helps.  During the reset the display will show the boot up progress of the OA module.   If the display remains dark, then its likely faulty.


Unfortunately, replacing that module will require the enclosure to be power down (but if you are able to manage the display via the OA's virtual Insight Manager, you can work around this and schedule maintenance accordingly).



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