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OA Password reset

Super Advisor

OA Password reset

hi all
i have one OA model is kvm support.
i forget to reset password default?
i connect to oa whit cable console and set the setting whit hyper terminal when hold reset button 5 sec but when boot ao not show lp for reset password why?
please help.
Michal Kapalka (mikap)
Honored Contributor

Re: OA Password reset


check this link :

search for :

"Recovering the administrator password"

or go directly to page 20.

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Re: OA Password reset

tanks for help but not useful because i set this step but not show the command l or lp for reset password.
Occasional Visitor

Re: OA Password reset

Try to disconnect and and reconnect the OA's tray (The device that holds the OA) I had a similar problem were the OA didn't show the password after pressing LP.
You will have to remove the OA's, but it's OK, the enclosure should be able to run without afecting the server.

Let us know if this worked or not