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OA don't see the mezzanine QMH2462

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OA don't see the mezzanine QMH2462

Hi. Yestarday I have installed four BL460c blades in our c3000 enclosure. We have already two blade installed in it previous. The new one have at the mezzanine slot 1 a Gb NC360 card and on the slot 2 a Qlogic QMH2462 card. All light are green on enclosure but I'm unable to see the mezzanine on slot 2. But if I'm boot the server I can see the card... I have two passthrough on slot 1 for GB and one passthrough FC on slot 3 (I'm waiting for the fourth passthrough FC for slot 4). I'm use a c3000 enclosure.
I have installed other two similar systems but is the firs time that I have this kind of problem.

Re: OA don't see the mezzanine QMH2462

Hi neo !

as far as Im know people use the MEZZ slot 1 for Fibre cards in your case the QMH2462 shoul be in SLOT 1

i think so and the NIC on MEZZ slot 2 ..

there is BIOS for the QMH2462 CTRL+Q at POST try to go into it and enable the HBA !

Update ILO's to 1.50 and OA 2.20 in that order first ILO then OA !!!

let me know !
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Re: OA don't see the mezzanine QMH2462

Are you sure ?
I have already do thi configuration on different C3000 of my customers. Both mezzanines are type 1 so I need to respect only the interconnected module placemet for mapping. I have already two blades with nc360m and two pass modules at bay 1 and 2... I have simply added a pass fc module in bay 3.
I have try to enable bios (for what at last?) on the mezzanine. But have the same problem. All hardware are upgraded to the last fw versions. ILO, enclosure, blades (fw cd 8.1).

Today I have opened a call to the HP....