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Onboard Admin > iLO2 certificate problems

Occasional Advisor

Onboard Admin > iLO2 certificate problems


We have recently deployed an enterprise CA within our network and I am going through the process of assigning certificates to network devices. I have successfully configured both Onboard Administrator and Virtual Connect Manager to utilise certificates issued by our CA for LDAP user authentication and that works great.

The issue I am having is that when you connect to a blades iLO2 web administration page, it connects to it's EBIPA issued IP and not the name of the iLO2 card. As the certificate request from iLO2 returns a certificate based upon the name in iLO2, I get an error when reconnecting as the name of the certificate doesn't match the URL.

Is there any way to force OA to open the iLO2 web page by name, or is there a way to get the cert request to pass throught the iLO's IP?


Andrew Gardner
Steria Ltd.