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Onboard Administrator IP Subnet & EBIPA

Juergen Vortanz
Occasional Visitor

Onboard Administrator IP Subnet & EBIPA

Are there any rules for configuring the Onboard Administrator's IP-Adress and the Enclosure Bay Static IP Adress Range ?
Must both adress-types be in the same IP-Subnet ?
Jeff Allen_5
Valued Contributor

Re: Onboard Administrator IP Subnet & EBIPA

Yes, if you intend to communicate with the devices with anything except for OA. The only reliable way you could have them on different subnets from OA would be is the device and OA support vlan tagging - today neither do. OA itself, however, is able to talk to any iLO regardless of the IP subnet that is assigned to iLO - but anything beyond OA will not (unless a static route is set that points to OA and this only works for the devices on the subnet where OA lives).