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P-class blade and a UPS

Darren Partridge
Occasional Contributor

P-class blade and a UPS

I have a customer with a P-class blade and an R3000 UPS. He is not 100% sure how to set up a power management server and I can't find any information re blades and UPSs anywhere.

On the back of the p-class there is a port marked power management module service port, but there is no information as to what this port is for. Is it just a case of connecting the UPS serial cable to this port or is it more complicated than that?
Ian Vaughan
Honored Contributor

Re: P-class blade and a UPS

As far as I can remember the only way you are going to get a UPS to work with the blades is if you have purchased the optional SNMP card with the UPS.

The blades, in general, don't have a serial port (the exeption is the bl60p but it's serial port is actually a console). The power management port is a serial port but it is used to configure and display status of the power grid in the blade chassis.

Short answer - buy the SNMP card, put an IP address on the network port using it's serial port and supplied cable, install Power Manager 4.0 (Manager) on a nominated blade and install the agents on the rest of the blades in the rack.

Power Manager should be on the CD's that came with the UPS.

Hope that helps - please click "Thumbs up" for Kudos if it does
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