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Port Mapping

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Port Mapping


I have two new c7000 enclosures with 12 BL 460c Red Hat Servers in each. Each one has a mezzanine card in the second slot. I also have 6 Vitual Connect Ethernet modules.

I am having a hard time determining what physical ports I need my network folks to plug into.

For instance if I look at the port mappings for say blade 13's 4 mezzanine ports it maps to port 13 in my Virtual Connect modules 5, 6, 7, and 8 but they only have 8 physical ports each. So if I enable eth4 where do I plug in the network connection?

This is probably way easier than I am making it but I appreciate any help!
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Re: Port Mapping

Hi Romell.

Well, how do you know, there is a port mapping between onboard NICs and mezz slots on blades servers and interconnet devices located on rear of c7000. (you can see that in attached file)

Understanding this mapping, you are be able to know where "eths" are connected.

About the number of physical ports from VC module, 8 ports are confortable and "enough" to connect blades in your network, because you can associate one or all servers that you have with an specific UPLINK in VC module.

For futher information about VC:

I hope to help you with those information ;)


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Re: Port Mapping


I appreciate the help! I played with the vitual connect long enough to figure it out. Part of the problem I was having was that I am new to Red Hat and I was assuming that eth0 would map to bay 1, port 1. The problem was that the first onboard nic was picked up by the OS as eth5 for some reason. I finally found what I needed in the "interconnect bay properties" page in the virtual connect interface. Again thank you for the help!

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Re: Port Mapping

Ohh OK!

I already had the same problem with Linux mapping NICs in a different order as the HW is setted.