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Power Supply c7000 Enclosure

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Power Supply c7000 Enclosure

On the Specs tab for the c7000 http://h18004.www1.hp.com/products/blades/components/enclosures/c-class/c7000/specifications.html
one of the power supply options is 960/2250W. What does the 960 mean.
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Re: Power Supply c7000 Enclosure

Ah, right up my alley because I had to research this sucker.

So there are two types of power supplies for the C7000 enclosure: 2250W and 2400W. Here is the big difference between the two... the 2250W power supply can operate on 100-120V (what you find in most offices) and 200-240V (208V will be in data centers and 240V can be in most offices if wired properly). The 2400W power supply can only run on 200-240V.

When you're running the 2250W power supplies on 120V power they will produce a maximum output of 960W. When you're running them at 240V they will produce 2250W. I specifically chose to purchase 2250W power supplies. The logic was that I could fire up the C7000 enclosure at the office for testing before taking it to the data center for final installation with the same power supplies. I'm not planning to max out the enclosure at this time so 6x2250W is plenty of power for my scenario. Later on down the road if I need that little extra boost I can always swap out the power supplies for 2400W.

The one thing I don't know is if you can mix 2250W and 2400W power supplies in the enclosure at the same time if you're running on 208V power.

Also, there are a lot of 2250W power supplies available in the aftermarket on eBay and through HP Renew resellers. Instead of forking out the money on brand new ones you might want to just consider purchasing 8 of them to power the enclosure and having two spares on the parts shelf at the data center.
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Re: Power Supply c7000 Enclosure

Hi Folks,

According to the Quickspecs, it is *not* possible to mix up power supplies in the same enclosure:


NOTE: Mixing of power supplies in the same enclosure is not supported. All power supplies must be of the same type. All HP 2400W HE, all HP2250W or all -48V DC.


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Re: Power Supply c7000 Enclosure

Good information to know. We've assembled some great information in this post that will hopefully help others. Don't forget to reward points for helpful answers on this forum. It keeps this forum alive!