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Power draw critical error!!!

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Power draw critical error!!!

Lisa needed some info and advice:




Hi PDL .....having a power question.  I have a customer who has a C7000 enclosure with the following configuration.  Net result - OA is reporting that the blades are drawing 489 watts per blade ....for a chassis total of 8600+ watts.....customer cannot go into AC redundant mode since 8600 watts of power is more than 3 2400 watt power supplies can handle.   Has anyone seen this problem in the OA....they are running 3.1 of the OA firmware. 


6 2400 watt fans

3 phase power

10 fans

16 BL490 G6 blades

                single quad core processor

                16GB RAM   (2 x 8)

                no hard drives

                1 qlogic card

2 x VC Flex-10 modules

2 x VC FC 8GB 24 port


Power Advisor says 1 blade should be pulling about 157 WATTs as configured above:


Monty had the answers for Lisa:


FROM THE RUNNING OA - blades are at bios setting...not booted up and are pulling 489 per blade!!!!!!!.

Your problem is the servers have not completed POST and are still in the BIOS.


This high power allocation value per server only occurs once after the server is inserted into the enclosure, or the entire enclosure is power cycled. After the very first POST is complete the server rebates power back to the enclosure based on profiling the server blade power.


In addition, after the first POST Complete – iLO will remember the power request value to use the next time the server is powered off and then back on. 


The OA does not prevent changing the power mode – it will just advise that the power subsystem is degraded due to the power allocation higher than the redundant power capacity.


The OA is reporting that the current Present Power consumption of the entire enclosure is only 2142 AC Watts.




Have you seen this before?  Any questions or suggestions?