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Power subsystem shows degraded status

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Power subsystem shows degraded status

I have two identical C7000 enclosures. One of them shows the "Power Subsystem" status as being 'degraded'. When I look at the Power Subsystem page in OA (firmware v2.60), it shows the "present output" for all 6 bays at 2400W with an enclosure total of 14400. The Enclosure Power Summary shows "present power" as 177640 watts but the "Max input power" is at 8755 and the "power allocated" for each component appears normal. I have verified the output of my UPS at 208V. Also, if i click the "power meter" link in OA, it tell me "No power readings are currently available" on that enclosure. HP support has not been very helpful with identifying the cause. Any suggestions?
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Re: Power subsystem shows degraded status

Sounds like two common resolutions might provide some help here. I haven't seen this specific condition personally.

Is the ROM, iLO and Power Management Controller firmware up-to-date for any Proliant blades in the enclosure?

Have you tried re-seating both OAs and the sleeve that they sit in?

good luck
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Re: Power subsystem shows degraded status

It seems to be a reporting issue.
The ILO is responsible to provide blade power information and OA is responsible to gather power information from blades, power supplies, interconnects etc. and then allocate power.

Please verify the compatibility of all the firmwares
This should resolve the issue
Gerardo Arceri
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Re: Power subsystem shows degraded status

Are you sure you are not getting hit by this errata:
"Advisory: (Revision) CUSTOMER ACTION REQUIRED to Identify and Replace Certain HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure Power Supplies that May Experience an Extremely Rare Issue Resulting in Power Supply Failure"
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Re: Power subsystem shows degraded status

The following firmware versions are running:
OA - 2.60 Aug 31 2009
ROM - l24 01/14/2010
iLO - 1.81 Jan 15 2010
Power Mgt Controller - 3.4
VC - 2.32

I have confirmed that the power supplies are NOT subject to the "idenitfy and replace" problem.

The only difference between the two enclosures is the fact that one of the blades in the enclosure exibiting this behavior has Windows 2008 OS loaded. All the others are still "bare metal".

Still searching for a solution...

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Re: Power subsystem shows degraded status

Since you have an OS loaded, there are two more things to check... make sure your iLO Management Interface driver and iLO Management Controller driver are up to date.

Is there a power profile in place via the OS that might be causing the discrepency?
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Re: Power subsystem shows degraded status

Sorry for reviving this thread, but I'm now seeing the exact same issue. I'm on FW 3.56. I've tried reseating the OAs and replacing all the PSUs. No change.

Did you ever find a solution to this issue?

Re: Power subsystem shows degraded status

I think the actual fix for this problem was a new firmware update.  v3.00 fixed a few power problems, but I don't believe all of them were documented in the release notes.  But I think the one that was addressed was this:


  • Fixed an issue where the "power capacity" values in "enclosure power summary" and "show power" may not match

Anyways, I'm actually seeing this problem as well on my chassis that I've upgraded to 3.56.  I wonder if the bug got reintroduced?  One of the other problems with v2.60 was erronous fan failures:


Advisory: HP BladeSystem c3000 and c7000 Enclosure - Onboard Administrator Firmware 2.60 (or Earlier) May Report Intermittent Transient Fan Degraded Status Messages


And I'm battling the same issue in 3.56 as well:


Advisory: HP BladeSystem c-Class Onboard Administrator (OA) -OA With Firmware Version 3.50, 3.55 or 3.56 May Erroneously Mark Some Fans As Failed


Might be worth a call to HP to see if that's really the case...


Nicolai Rasmussen
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Re: Power subsystem shows degraded status

I have several enclosures on 3.56, but only 1 that suffer from this Power degraded issue.

All PSUs present output just show their maximum capable output. I have not done actual measuring on our PDUs, but I sure don't hope that they are actually pulling max power from the PDUs...