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Powering (UK) 3 x C7000 Enclosures - Help Needed

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Powering (UK) 3 x C7000 Enclosures - Help Needed


I have 3 x HP C7000 enclosures. One has 14 x BL460c in there , the other has 3 x BL465c in there and the third one has 1 x BL860c in it. I will be placing all three in a HP 10000 G2 Rack, as well as a router, firewall and X1400 G2 Network Storage etc.. I beleive they are all Generation 6 blades.

What I would like to know how do i power these things. I'll be using these in England, Am i right in thinking that I need two Power Distribution Units and then use 16A power jumper cables to connect to each C7000, applying three of the six power sockets to one PDU and the remaining three to the other PDU... And then get an electrician in to connect the PDU inputs to some sort of some sort of power box, because surely a UK mains socket cant handle all of this power.

Any advise on how to power this rack would be welcome- Thanks!

Bill Hassell
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Re: Powering (UK) 3 x C7000 Enclosures - Help Needed

A fully loaded C7000 chassis could draw between 12,000 and 15,000 watts. This is not a residential or office load, it is a commercial data center load using dedicated branch wiring.This also means a very significant heat load. I would suggest that you consult with a data center specialist who can properly size all the circuits, the UPS and air conditioning.

Specs that you need are:



Bill Hassell, sysadmin