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Problem with Installation SLES9 on Blade 860c

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Problem with Installation SLES9 on Blade 860c

I have problem with installation Suse EnterPrice Server 9 SP4 on Blade 860c,
Step by Step what I doing.

1. when EFI start I go to EFI shell.
2. in efi a run fs3: and /efi/boot/bootai86.efi
3. then the installation is runing
after choise the language the installation program ask me to select source media linux cd1 - CDROM
of cource a have cd in reader,
when I select cdrom then give me a message "could not find cdrom media" and give up
i have good cd, the checksum is good too.

what is wrong? why the installaion program does't see my cdrom. Im connect directly to SUV cable.

Best regards.