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Problems connecting DVD Writer to BL460


Problems connecting DVD Writer to BL460


I need to connect a DVD Writer to a BL460 blade in order to create a system backup image.
If I connect it to the C7000 OA USB port and make it available, it is detected by the blade servers as a DVD-ROM. This will be fine in the future, but first I need to write an image to it.
So, using the included adaptor I can connect the drive the the blade's front panel. This time, the O/S (RHEL 4.8) detects it correctly as a DVD Recorder, but it constantly flags up over-current errors and is unusable :

kernel: hub 6-0:1.0: over-current change on port 6
kernel: hub 3-0:1.0: over-current change on port 2

Is this because the DVD drive doesn't have an external power supply and the blade can't supply sufficient power?

I guess I've two questions, really:

1) Is there a way to make the blade see the OA connected drive as a DVD Recorder?


2) Is there a way to get the device working when plugged into the blade's front panel USB port?

Any ideas gratefully received!

Trygve Henriksen
Respected Contributor

Re: Problems connecting DVD Writer to BL460

Get a DVD-recorder with a separate PSU?

Or try writing at the lowest possible speed.

Re: Problems connecting DVD Writer to BL460

I'm trying to source a writer with a separate PSU, but they seem difficult to find!
Write speed doesn't come into it, as I don't get that far (the errors occur as soon as a disk is placed in the drive).
Trygve Henriksen
Respected Contributor

Re: Problems connecting DVD Writer to BL460

Try a powered USB-hub.

Does USB-lead for the DVD-writer have one or two male connectors?
If it has two, it may help to just plug the other into a PSU with USB-connector.
(Cell-phone charger or something.)

Re: Problems connecting DVD Writer to BL460

That's a good idea. It's got two connections, and I've got a Blackberry charger with a USB connector on it.
I'm still hoping to get hold of a unit with external PSU, but the more options I have the better (the system's on a remote site so the fewer wasted journeys the better!).

Re: Problems connecting DVD Writer to BL460

OK, using a borrowed DVD recorder with external PSU worked for connecting to the blade and creating the image.
However, using said image in the original USB DVD writer connected to the OA doesn't!

The DVD contains a bootable recovery image (Yosemite), and this is assigned to a particular blade via the OA. By mouting this virtually on the Blade iLO, the blade will then boot from it without a problem, but during the recovery phase it fails with a message akin to "can't find media".

Is it likely that the OA also can't supply sufficient power to the DVD, so we need a permanent DVD with an external PSU?

Are there known issues with using physical DVD drives with OAs?