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Problems with RDP 2.20 and blades BL20


Problems with RDP 2.20 and blades BL20

I have RDP 2.20 installed. I try to send a job to the first blade (the rest are not on yet) and everything seems to work fine. the server gets an IP address from DHCP server and starts the process of unattended installation of OS (W2003). When another reboot is necessary, the server gets the IP address again and hungs waitng for the MSDOS system to download.

I have observed that if i delete the assignment of the IP in the DHCP and i manually reboot the blade, the blade gets the same IP address again but the it doesn't hung, it continues with no problem. Everytime it has to reboot i have to delete the DHCP assigned IP address to continue with the job.

Help! Any ideas?