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Pstool and c7000

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Guillermo Palos
Occasional Visitor

Pstool and c7000

Hi, i have and c7000 with OA version 2.40 i used the pstool for windows to verify the PS, but it doesn't work for me, somewhere between the cmds fails:

The system cannot execute the specified program.
The system cannot find the file specified.
Parsing complete. See OA_status.log for results.
Press any key to delete temp files or Press Ctrl-C to keep temp files.
Press any key to continue . . .
Deleting temp files.

I check the script Pstool.cmd and i got the info using the plink and the commands:
show oa info
show enclosure info
show enclosure powersupply all

with that info how can i verify if i need to change the PS?
John Cagle
Frequent Advisor

Re: Pstool and c7000

In the output from "show enclosure powersupply all", please look for the string "Service Action - Customer Advisory" under the Diagnostic Status section. If you don't see that string, then your PS's are not affected by a customer advisory.

Also, you might want to update your OA to 2.41 (the latest).
Guillermo Palos
Occasional Visitor

Re: Pstool and c7000

Thanks John, another question:
two of the PS show unknown Serial Number and the replacement program asks for the serial number.
The OA doesnt show those serial numbers
is there another way to get it?
Jimmy Vance

Re: Pstool and c7000

I've had no luck in using PStool, or PStool2

I hacked the script in PStool2 and forced in an enclosure IP address to get it to finally work, but the output was to visual check the power supplies.

The instructions at explain what to look for.

Basically if the power supply is manufactured after March 20, 2008 the power supply is good
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