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Q-Logic Disappearing

Occasional Advisor

Q-Logic Disappearing

What could be the problem with a BL460c that is SAN attached that keeps on disappearing when MS Patches is being installed ( Normal security patches NO Driver updates)

What does MS Patches and HBA have in common ?

Trusted Contributor

Re: Q-Logic Disappearing

If you're using Microsoft's Multi-Path software (MPIO) that could be affected or maybe the HBA driver is being overwritten. I'd make sure you're running the latest firmware and driver for the HBA from HP. Also, you should probably make sure the latest version of the QLogic SANSurfer utility from HP is installed.


kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: Q-Logic Disappearing

Strange issue unless we talk about updates that involve i.e. storport or mpio related drivers, but as you say it's security patches ...

If you re-apply the hotfixes manually again (as opposed to Windows update i.e.) , can you consistently reproduce this issue ? or is it always related to patches that require a reboot of the host ?

And with 'dissapering', do you mean the LUNs on the SAN go away when the host is online or after a reboot i.e. ?
Any error messages frmo the Qlogic driver around the time the issue takes place ?

Henry A.C. Jansen
Trusted Contributor

Re: Q-Logic Disappearing

I recall this, as Kris already said, in the early days where we used Scsi-Miniport drivers and tried to update the PSP .. the outcome was the same... no storage anymore and you ended up with an malfunctioning driver... which you had to rollback to make it functioning again..