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QMH4062 1GbE iSCSI questions


QMH4062 1GbE iSCSI questions

Background: We're very familiar with the Qlogic QLA iSCSI HBAs. The QMH4062 is the HP version of the Qlogic QLE4062C.

1) It seems the HP PSP 8.25A installs NDIS drivers for the QMH4062. We don't want these drivers. Is there a HP 'null' driver that removes the NDIS functionality? For instance, Qlogic drivers support the Qlogic NULL driver, this removes the adapter from the list of network adapters.

2) Where are we supposed to get firmware from? The Qlogic site?



Re: QMH4062 1GbE iSCSI questions

This is what I've learned so far:

- Some native Qlogic drivers have the NDIS NULL driver and some do not. The most recent version of driver on the Qlogic site references the NULL driver (ql40xnul.inf) in ReadMeN.txt but the file is missing from the driver package. Native Qlogic Win2008 drivers do not include a NULL driver.

- The latest HP driver from PSP 8.25A (cp009607.exe) does not include a NDIS NULL driver.

- I've requested that HP include a NDIS NULL driver with the next driver version.

- I installed an older Qlogic NULL driver from Qlogic native driver After I rebooted I experience the issue described in MS KB 937056 (TCP/IP properties always show DHCP instead of static addr). It's the second time we've experienced this issue. The first time we didn't know what was happening so we rebuilt the server to save time. On the 2nd try this is where I figured out what went wrong. Just restored from a system state backup and the server is happy again. I'm going disable and uninstall the NDIS nics.

- The Qlogic site has an OEM driver/firmware download page where you can get the firmware and BIOS.

- When I remove the Qlogic 1Gb PCI Ethernet Adapter and then reboot, it comes back. That's not cool.