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Query Blade or Blade Server Chassis

John Remillard
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Query Blade or Blade Server Chassis

Hi All
We have many Blade Chassis in our datacenter and i was wondering if there was a way to query a blade to find out what chassis it is in or if there is a way to query the chassis to display all the blades that are in it. I would like to get the information to populate a web page that would allow us to go directly to the blade for remote management.
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Re: Query Blade or Blade Server Chassis

Sooo many ways to achieve this.

One out of this is to let the OA generate a configuration script. This will tell you almost "everything" about the system.

For example:


Enclosure Information:
Enclosure Name: xxxx
Enclosure Type: BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure
Onboard Administrator Hardware Version: 1.00
Part Number: 412152-B21
Serial Number: xxx
UUID: xxx
Asset Tag:
Midplane Spare Part Number: 414050-001
Power Distribution Unit:
PDU Type: HP AC Module, Single Phase
PDU Spare Part Number: 413494-001
Onboard Administrator Tray Information:
Type: HP BladeSystem c7000 Onboard Administrator Tray
Spare Part Number: 416000-001
Serial Number: xxx


Server Blade #1 Information:
Type: Server Blade
Manufacturer: hp
Product Name: server BL860c
Part Number: AD217A
System Board Spare Part Number: AD217-60001
Serial Number: xxx
Server Name: [Unknown]
Asset Tag: [Unknown]
ROM Version: ROM A 3.01
EFI Version: 6.20

CPU 1: Dual-Core Intel Itanium 2 1400 MHz
CPU 2: Not present
Memory: 2048 MB

Embedded Ethernet
NIC 1 MAC Address: 00:1A:4B:xxx
NIC 2 MAC Address: 00:1A:4B:xxx
NIC 3 MAC Address: 00:1A:4B:xxx
NIC 4 MAC Address: 00:1A:4B:xxx

Management Processor Information:
Type: Integrity iLO 2
Name: mp00xxx
Firmware Version: 2.17
BMC Version: 5.20
IP Address:
MAC Address: 00:19:BB:xxx


Hope this helps!

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Re: Query Blade or Blade Server Chassis

From the OA command Line Try the Command


It will list all the server Status Temperature and Management processor information.
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Re: Query Blade or Blade Server Chassis

ILO2 shows the blade location in enclosure/rack information too.

If You are familiar with the ILO command line

GET_RACK_SETTINGS return messages
A possible GET_RACK_SETTINGS return message is:

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Re: Query Blade or Blade Server Chassis

If you don't feel like parsing out the OA configuration output, consider that the Report Designer in SIM can provide very customized reports on enclosure capacity and configuration. I believe this is the preferred method.