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Question on firmware upgrade for C7000 and Integrity blades

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Question on firmware upgrade for C7000 and Integrity blades

I understand that for updating Blades iLOs I'll need to bring them down to apply the new firmware = outage.


I plan the outage for VC components as well at later date ( after updating all the blades ) even though C7000 has dual VC modules ( Ethernet and FC ) and all paths ( VLANs, LUNs ) are defined as redundant.


How about upgrading OA, do I have to bring the blades, enclosure down if I have 2 OA ( Primary and secondary )?


thx in advance

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Re: Question on firmware upgrade for C7000 and Integrity blades



When updating the firmware of the ILO, at the end the ILO will be restarted...

However, this has no impact on the operations of the server... The OS can keep running...


Also the OA can be upgraded independent of the OS'es running on the blades... This is when you have 1 or 2 OA's...

Also the OA will be rebooted at the end of the process. The only thing that you will notice is that the fans will go to 100% for some seconds...


Updating the VC modules can be nearly online... Modules will be updated one at a time...

If your NIC teaming (bonding) is well configured, it seems to be online since the NIC teaming will switch the 'disconnected' NIC to the other module...

My first VC update I did it in the weekend (just to be sure), now I do it during the business hours... Not that much applications/users that will notice...





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