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RDMA on Server 2012/R2 with NC532i (g6)

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RDMA on Server 2012/R2 with NC532i (g6)



We plan to move our HyperV Clusters to Server 2012 or better 2012 R2.

Actually im testing on an BL460c G6 Server.

After some research I'm unsure howto enable RDMA on the Server, it looks like I need the HP ProLiant Essentials RDMA Pack for Multifunction Gigabit Server Adapter  License. But all the information I can find there are very old (server 2003).


Using the Get-SmbServerNetworkInterface command on my newly installed G6, shows it is not RDMA Capable.

What do I need to use RDMA in my clusters?


Environment: C3000, Virtual Connect FLex10



Thanks in advance :)


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Re: RDMA on Server 2012/R2 with NC532i (g6)

I checked an internal NIC Chart and th only place I am seeing that document RDMA support the the Mellanox 544 based cards.

I did find another doc from Emulex that hinted at RDMA support, but it doesn't elaborate past that.

Re: RDMA on Server 2012/R2 with NC532i (g6)

I have the same question. I would like to run SMB Direct over RDMA for Livemigration...but finding how to configure RDMA is completely an enigma to me at this point.